Services for OEM partners

If your company qualifies, AllDSP can offer you various services such as software and hardware customization, quality control, acoustics etc. A compact list is presented here; for more details please contact us.

Software customization:
Whether you user our core modules to design and produce your own products, or purchase complete products from us, the customization process is discussed directly between AllDSP's Business Line Manager (BLM) and you.

Cooperation with external OEMs:
In many cases, our customers buy products from OEM/ODM manufacturers, such as loudspeaker manufacturers in China. In this case, the design process in China needs to be aligned with your expectations. AllDSP helps to facilitate this by discussing all technical details w.r.t. the DSP functionality (and electronic interfacing) with the OEM factory, and discussing all software features with you. You do not need to go into the technical details with the OEM manufacturer.

Acoustical design:
If desired, our acoustical engineer can travel to the OEM manufacturer to reduce the sonic difference between products and improve the overall sound quality, resulting in a high-quality, coherent product range, independent of the OEM manufacturer. It is possible for different series of products coming from different OEM manufacturers to have the same sonic signature, and the same end user interface, so that the end user is not aware that these products come from different factories.

Production quality control:
When purchasing loudspeakers from China, manufacturing stability is crucial; we have seen many cases in the past where the sound of multiple batches of the same product sounded quite different because the manufacturer used different drivers. We can help to improve this by installing quality control systems at the manufacturer (in combination with the acoustical design). This is a preferred scenario for us, because without it, all efforts to make a coherent product range are futile.

Additionally, AllDSP can guarantee:
- an identical end user experience and similar sonic signature, tailored to your wishes, between products coming from different OEM manufacturers;
- that products produced for you by any OEM will work only with your branded software;
- that the OEM can not produce products with your settings for their other customers, so that your IP, your sonic signature, is protected.