D22 & D24 DSP Module

The D22 and D24 DSP modules are very high quality 2-input, 2 (D22) or 4 (D24) output DSP processors with all necessary features for an active 4-way loudspeaker system or system amplifier. The processor board features internal connectors only and has the same external dimensions and mounting points as the D2 Display Module, thus making a compact, cost-effective yet powerful module that is completely self-contained. ATTENTION: By default, this board is sold as SMD only module. The THT components (connectors) need to be added in the customer's production facility. Completed products are available as samples; mass production of completed products can be organized on request.

  • 48kHz sample rate
  • Ethernet or USB interface (optional)
  • 114dB(A) dynamic range (inputs) / 114dB(A) dynamic range (outputs)
  • Frequency range 10Hz....22kHz
  • 10 parametric filters on each input and each output
  • 10ms delay on each input and output
  • Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley filters up to 24dB / oct.
  • Limiter on each input and each output
  • 180° phase
  • Nominal input level: 1Vrms
  • Maximum input level: 2Vrms
  • Nominal output level: 1Vrms
  • Maximum output level: 2Vrms
  • Full configuration and real-time monitoring via PC (Software Included)
  • Grouping functions available
  • 100 Presets
  • Mixed-mode 64 bits digital processing
  • Power supply: Accepts +/- 12 to 15V (regulated)
  • Power consumption: 300mA @ +15V, 50mA@-15V